lobby with piano player

Music students perform instruments for patients in the CSC lobby as part of a U of M class called Music Outreach in Healthcare Settings.
Image Source: Leila Navidi, Copyright '19, Star Tribune

Masonic Cancer Clinic

The Masonic Cancer Clinic offers specialized cancer services tailored to meet the needs of each patient. This team includes providers from genetic counseling, palliative care, nutrition, radiology, physical/occupational therapy, psychology, social work, integrative health, survivorship and more.

Lobby of CSC

The main floor of the CSC has a retail pharmacy, cafe, valet service for parking and directing patients and visitors through the facility, imaging and lab services and meeting rooms for providers and staff.

ASC procedure room

The Ambulatory Surgery and Procedure Center is a 342,000-sq-ft facility that brings patients the very best of outpatient care in a freestanding, lower-cost setting. Also at the CSC is the Pre-Operative Assessment Center where patients receive their pre-surgical health evaluations to allow for efficient scheduling, avoidance of cancellations and safer surgeries. 


Touchdown Workspace

Exam Room

Staff Dining/Break Area