Clinical Research Project Status Tool

Have you ever struggled to assess the status of your research project?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of systems your study is tracked in?
Are you looking for a tool that consolidates important study details all in one place?

The Project Status Tool 2.0 is just that! The Project Status Tool has been helping researchers quickly assess study statuses across OnCore, Ethos, CTR Portal, and the university’s financial system, EFS, since June 2021. 

How does this tool help streamline my work?

  1. This tool consolidates and pulls data from many different sources, allowing researchers to see all details for their study in one place.
  2. Navigate study startup more efficiently by using the stoplight indicators that identify where attention is needed.
  3. View critical ETHOS, OnCore, CTR Portal, EFS, and CT.Gov information for studies that are entered into OnCore or ETHOS.
  4. Filter and search all studies in your portfolio so you can spend less time finding study details and identifying roadblocks.
  5. Search for studies by department ID or Z department ID.
  6. Sort studies by PI Name.
  7. Add your favorite or most viewed studies with the “Favorites” tab.

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What Was Added for Launch 2.1?

ETHOS-Only Study Viewer: The Project Status Tool previously only showed studies that were available in OnCore. We have updated the tool and added a view so faculty and staff can see all of their studies. This ETHOS-Only study viewer allows users to see a list of all studies that are not connected to an OnCore ID, which is important for understanding the full breadth and depth of your research portfolio.

The ETHOS-Only Study Viewer allows researchers to click into their studies to see all study-related actions and associated data.

To watch a demonstration of the ETHOS-only study viewer, click here.

I Have an Idea for an Enhancement

Enhancements to improve functionality are made based on the feedback we receive from you. If you have any comments or ideas for future enhancements for this tool, please share them using this request form.

Please contact Mahrya Johnson ( with any questions.