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Clinical Project Research Tool

Have you ever struggled to assess the status of your research project?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of systems your study is tracked in?
Are you looking for a tool that consolidates important study details all in one place?

The Project Status Tool 2.0 is just that! 

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What Is The Project Status Tool?

The Project Status Tool has been helping researchers quickly assess study statuses across OnCore, Ethos, CTR Portal, and the university’s financial system, EFS, since June 2021. One year after the initial release, we have taken your feedback and incorporated it into the new and improved Project Status Tool 2.0, which was released on June 6th, 2022.

What Was Added for Launch 2.0?

Additional Fields and Descriptions: With the support of HST, CTSI and the IRB we have expanded the content visible for each project, be sure to open your studies in the Project Status Tool’s study detail view to see the most critical Ethos, OnCore, CTR Portal, EFS, and CT.Gov information for your project.

Enhanced Filtering Options: Through the Project Status Tool’s feedback form and a meeting with Research Managers/Directors, we gathered your recommendations for how we could make the Project Status Tool simpler to navigate, filter, and search, so that you can spend less time finding your studies and more time pushing their progress forward. In Project Status Tool 2.0, you can now:

  • Search by department ID or Z department ID
  • More easily sort studies by PI Name with the new Last Name, First Name format
  • Add your favorite studies to the “My Study” dashboard view

Startup Stoplights: Your feedback told us that the startup phase can be difficult for PIs to track. Since there are so many statuses in so many systems, it can be difficult to know where to direct your focus to get your study to lift off. The Project Status Tool 2.0 has a new stoplight feature dedicated to directing your focus throughout the startup phase. Simply reference the stoplight color and status for each system to better understand where you may need to prioritize your work.  For more information on the stoplight logic, tips and tricks, see the Stoplight Tipsheet (attached as a PDF below).

Watch this video (a transcript is available here) for a brief overview, demo and Q & A session of the tool.

I Have an Idea for an Enhancement

Enhancements to improve functionality are made based on the feedback we receive from you. If you have any comments or ideas for future enhancements for this tool, please share them using this request form

Please contact Mahrya Johnson ( with any questions.