MCRU/DCRU Facility Fee Subsidy Program

The facility fee subsidy program for the M Health Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) and Delaware Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) has been available since July 2019 through a Dean's commitment program. To date, the program has funded the facility fees for more than 60 faculty across 120+ protocols, which amounts to more than 11,000 research visits. This program specifically covers the facility fee expense charged to the study when using either the DCRU or the MCRU.

The Facility Fee Program operates on a fiscal year review cycle. Faculty are eligible for up to two years of funding per protocol and requests for continued funding support beyond the two years require re-application to the program. Approval for continuation is based on annual availability of funds, in addition to faculty submission of a per protocol annual report. 

Please submit a request for each study that will be using subsidy funds.

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Who Can Request Support?

This program is available to all faculty researchers with a paid Medical School faculty appointment who are conducting a non-sponsored or underfunded investigator-initiated protocol. The Medical School has a strong interest in supporting protocols for collecting data that are intended to inform future external funding opportunities, and the program will prioritize assistant and associate professors who need subsidy support to carry out high impact research. The program also remains open to full professors.

Each faculty researcher (Principal Investigator) can request up to the following cap per year (to be used across all studies) under this subsidy:

  • $5K per full professor
  • $7K per associate professor
  • $10K per assistant professor.

Requests that meet the base criteria stated above will be reviewed and prioritized based on the following criteria:

1) Has the Principal Investigator (PI) used this subsidy program in the past?
2) Why is additional funding support needed (e.g. research program or department funds are not available)?
3) What grant program(s)/funding opportunity will the PI apply to using this dataset?
4) Can the study be completed in under 2 years (exceptions will be made for rare disease)?
5) How will this protocol and dataset support the growth of the PI's research program and/or the department research portfolio

How Do I Submit a Request?

To request a facility fee subsidy for your study, please complete the following REDCap survey.

Requests will be reviewed by the Medical School Research Office within 10 business days, and feedback will be provided as needed.  Requests received on a Friday after 12:00PM central time will be reviewed the following business week. Please allow 30 days from submission to receive your approval letter with a funded chartstring to charge your facility fees against.

How Do I Use My Subsidy Once Approved?

  1. The Medical School will provide both the faculty researcher and the designated accountant the approval letter that will contain a budget cap and chartstring to charge against.
  2. Researchers will receive an invoice for the facility fees on a routine basis from either Fairview (CRU) or the CTR-Portal (DCRU).
  3. Your department unit is responsible for setting up the expense budget with the chartstring provided in your approval letter. This chartstring can be used to offset the facility fee expenses for up to the designated budget cap until the expiration date of the subsidy benefit.

Note: If a chart-string is overcharged, faculty researchers and their primary home departments are responsible for the additional expense beyond their allowable fiscal year budget cap.

Ongoing Subsidy Program Participation

The Medical School will be using OnCore to report progress metrics for studies participating in the subsidy program. It is up to the PI to ensure that the study status and accrual details are updated in OnCore on a quarterly basis.

Faculty researchers will be asked to complete a very brief survey towards the expiration of their subsidy to share study progress and submit a financial summary of charges. In order to be eligible for future access to the subsidy program, this survey must be completed.

What If I Have Questions?

Please contact Amanda Rueter ( with any questions.