Alessandro Bartolomucci

Ancel Keys Biomedical Scholar in Physiology and Metabolism (Chair equivalent)

Research Summary

My laboratory is primarily interested in metabolic physiology, stress physiology and social determinants of health and aging. We developed a unique integrative approach to investigate the molecular physiology of obesity and chronic stress-related disease which combines behavioral and genetic models, metabolic, neuroendocrine and imaging techniques in living animals as well as sophisticated molecular and structural biology analyses of neuropeptides.
The major research topics include: 1) the functional role of Vgf-derived peptides in obesity and metabolism and their development as innovative drug targets for obesity-related disease; 2) autonomic nervous system regulation of white and brown adipocyte functions in obesity; 3) stress-induced cardiovascular and metabolic diseases; 4) social determinants of health, disease and aging.
Funding sources include: NIDDK, NIA, NHLBI and several Foundations




3-139 CCRB
2231 6th St SE,
Minneapolis, MN 55455