Alexander Herman

Assistant Professor


I obtained my M.D. and Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Francisco as part of the prestigious NIH Medical Scientist Training Program. Prior to that, I studied complex systems at the Santa Fe Institute. I obtained my B.A. in Physics with High Honors from Wesleyan University. I am an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School and a member of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction. My human neuroscience lab studies neural mechanisms of decision-making that are impaired in addiction and amenable to treatment with neuromodulation. My lab combines invasive and non-invasive methods including intracranial electrophysiology, direct brain stimulation, magnetoencephalography, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. Clinically, I am developing a specialty practice in refractory mood and anxiety co-morbid with addiction and chronic pain disorders.


  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS
  • Electrocorticography (ECoG)
  • Treatment-resistant depression (TRD)

Administrative Assistant

(for academic support only)
Teneshia Collins

In the Media


MD, University of California, San Francisco
PhD, University of California, San Francisco/Berkeley
Major: Neural Engineering
BA, Wesleyan University
Major: Physics

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

Research Resident, Residency
University of Minnesota, MnDrive Neuromodulation Fellow
Research Resident, Residency
University of California - San Francisco , Interventional Psychiatry

Honors and Recognition

ASCP New Investigator Award, American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology
Brain and Behavior NARSAD Young Investigator Award
SOBP Travel Award
APA Research Colloquium
UCSF Psychiatry Chair's Research Fellowship
MNDrive Neuromodulation Fellowship
NIH Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship
UC Berkeley JGGB IFM Stipend Award
NSF REU Fellowship
High Honors on Senior Thesis
Johnston Prize for Exceptional Promise in Physics
Howard Hughes Undergraduate Fellowship
Navy/Marine First Place Distinguished Achievement for Original Research
New York State Honors for Original Research
National Merit Finalist
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Dastin-van Rijn, Evan M., Konig, S. D., Carlson, D., Goel, V., Grande, A., Nixdorf, D. R., Benish, S., Widge, A. S., Nahas, Z., Park, M. C., Netoff, T. I., Herman, A. B., Darrow, D. P., 2022. Personalizing Dual-Target Cortical Stimulation with Bayesian Parameter Optimization Successfully Treats Central Post-Stroke Pain: A Case Report. BRAIN SCIENCES, 12 (1): 25.
Redish, A. D., Kepecs, A., Anderson, L. M., Calvin, O. L., Grissom, N. M., Haynos, A. F., Heilbronner, S. R., Herman, A. B., Jacob, S., Ma, S., Vilares, I., Vinogradov, S., Walters, C. J., Widge, A. S., Zick, J. L., Zilverstand, A., 2021. Computational validity: using computation to translate behaviours across species. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences, 377 (1844): 20200525.
doi: PubMed ID: 34957854.
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Herman, A., Meyer, C., Chen, C., Grissom, N., Harrell, D., Ebitz, B., Darrow, D., 2021. Dissociable Effects of Cognitive Effort and Cognitive Flexibility on Anhedonia and Apathy. NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 46 (SUPPL 1): 247-248.
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Cao, J., Herman, A. B., West, G. B., Poe, G., Savage, V. M., 2020. Unraveling why we sleep: Quantitative analysis reveals abrupt transition from neural reorganization to repair in early development. Science Advances, 6 (38):
doi: PubMed ID: 32948580.
Herman, A. B., Brown, E. G., Dale, C. L., Hinkley, L. B., Subramaniam, K., Houde, J. F., Fisher, M., Vinogradov, S., Nagarajan, S. S., 2020. The Visual Word Form Area compensates for auditory working memory dysfunction in schizophrenia. Scientific Reports, 10 (1): 8881.
doi: PubMed ID: 32483253.
Dale, C. L., Brown, E. G., Herman, A. B., Hinkley LBN, Subramaniam, K., Fisher, M., Vinogradov, S., Nagarajan, S. S., 2020. Intervention-specific patterns of cortical function plasticity during auditory encoding in people with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 215 241-249.
Redish, A. D., Kazinka, R., Herman, A. B., 2019. Taking an engineer's view: Implications of network analysis for computational psychiatry. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 42 e24.
doi: PubMed ID: 30940269.
Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Herman, A. B. "Neural basis of effortful decision-making", American Psychiatry Association Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators, May 22, 2019.
Herman, A. B. "Cortical spectral dynamics of load effect in phoneme verbal reproduction", Society for Neuroscience. (2010).,
Herman, A. B. "Plasticity in cortical high-gamma oscillations mediates behavioral improvement from targeted computer training in Schizophrenia", Molecular Psychiatry. (2013).,
Herman, A. B. "Evidence Accumulation in Working Memory Based Decision Making", Society for Neuroscience. (2019),
Herman, A. B. "Differences in neural oscillatory dynamics in schizophrenics and controls in phoneme verbal encoding", Cognitive Neuroscience. (2011).,
Herman, A. B. "Neural dynamics of novel auditory-motor map learning", Cognitive Neuroscience. (2015).,



Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, F282/2A West Building, 2450 Riverside Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55454