Anne Gearity

Assistant Professor


I earned my PhD in Clinical Social Work from the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL. Research from my dissertation was foundational for Developmental Repair, an intervention manual for behaviorally challenged and challenging children that I pioneered in collaboration with Washburn Center for Children in Minneapolis. This manual is now used extensively throughout the state and country. I have an independent mental health practice serving children, adolescents, and adults since 1987.

My initial role in Psychiatry was teaching normal child development to child and adolescent psychiatry fellows. In 2017, I started the family consult clinic working with fellows to help families navigate potentially confusing diagnoses, treatment plans, and related family needs. My departmental work has included consultation with the Fairview inpatient behavioral health teams and outpatient therapy through MIDB.

I have been awarded “Teacher of the Year” from the Department of Child Psychiatry in 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. In 2021, I was awarded the University of MN Medical Center Clinical Educator Award.


  • Early development
  • Attachment
  • Impact of childhood trauma, specifically when children are preverbal
  • Intergenerational trauma within family dynamics 

Administrative Assistant

(for academic support only)
Natasha Hampton-Anderson

In the Media

Research Summary

Dr. Gearity's research expertise is in early development; attachment; and the impact of trauma, especially trauma that occurred when children are preverbal or when the impact of intergenerational traumas persists within family dynamics.

Teaching Summary

Dr. Gearity taught at the U of MN School of Social Work for 27 years; she developed and taught in the Infant and Early Childhood program through the Institute for Child Development at the U of MN for 20 years; and consulted with schools and community agencies. Her initial role in the Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Department was teaching normal child development to child and adolescent psychiatry fellows. With over four decades of psychotherapy practice, she also provides case consultations and training.


PhD, Institute for Clinical Social Work
Major: Clinical Social Work
MSW, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services
Major: Social Work

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

Senior Fellow, Fellowship
University of Minnesota
Research Training Program, Fellowship
IPA/ University College London

Licensures and Certifications

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), State of Minnesota

Honors and Recognition

Clinical Educator Award, University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC)
Friend of School Social Work Award, Minnesota School Social Workers Association
Outstanding Professional, Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health
Clinical Service Excellence Award, Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs
Teacher of the Year (multiple), Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Bush Foundation Grant to Washburn Center for Children, Primary Investigator for Day Treatment Project
Professional of the Year, National Alliance on Mental Illness
Research Training Program, International Psychoanalytical Association
Distinguished Practitioner in Social Work, National Academies of Practice
Social Worker of the Year, National Association of Social Workers
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Reigstad, K. M., Gunlicks-Stoessel, M. L., Westervelt, A., Gearity, A. R., 2022. Healthy emotions and relationships with teens—a guide for parents: An intervention development study of a parent-based intervention for adolescents with depression. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 27 (3): 586-597.
Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Gearity, A. R. "COVID- and everything else worrying young children", Northland Foundation/Thrive Initiative, June 2020,
Gearity, A. R. "Holding on to hope; for community partners and COVID in the fall- still here, for professional", Northland Foundation/Thrive Initiative, August 2020,
Gearity, A. R. "Taking of for this academic year: Lessons for wellness", Hopkins school district (August 2020),
Gearity, A. R. "Collaboration: A learning and teaching concept", Northside Institute, Northside Achievement Zone, August 2020,
Gearity, A. R. "How do we build the village for children now?", MSSA Webinar, August 2020,
Gearity, A. R. "Preventing mental distress", Northside Institute, Northside Achievement Zone, August 2021,
Gearity, A. R. "Regaining our sturdiness", Orono Schools, COVID Webinar, November 2021,
Gearity, A. R. "Being at school", Eastern Carver County Schools, COVID Webinar, February 2022,
Gearity, A. R. "Taking care of you so you can take care of them", MN Department of Early Childhood, COVID Webinar, March 2022,
Gearity, A. R. "Navigating to support better emotional mastery", Osseo/Prairie Care (Oasis Program), COVID Webinar, March 2022,



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