Brenden Tervo-Clemmens

Assistant Professor


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division, and Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, as well as an Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar. I earned my PhD (Clinical Psychology) from the University of Pittsburgh, with secondary training from Carnegie Mellon University (Cognitive Neuroscience), focusing on the intersection of developmental cognitive neuroscience, mental health research, and computational methods. I trained at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School for my predoctoral clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship, with an emphasis on research and treatment of adolescents with substance use disorders.

Research in my lab aims to understand normative brain development and the emergence of mental health and substance use disorders during adolescence, integrating techniques from developmental cognitive neuroscience, computational methods, and psychopathology research. We are also engaged in methodological work aiming to evaluate and improve the reproducibility and ultimately, clinical and policy utility, of large-scale fMRI and behavioral assessment research in neurodevelopmental studies.

Administrative Assistant

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Shelly Slominski

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PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Major: Psychology (Clinical)
Minor: Quantitative Methodology (In Psychology)
MS, Villanova University
Major: Psychology (Experimental)
Graduate Certificate Program, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh
Major: Neuroscience
BA, Duquesne University
Major: Psychology

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

MGH/NIDA K12 Postdoctoral Fellow,
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Predoctoral Clinical Psychology Internship,
Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

Honors and Recognition

Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar, University of Minnesota
Association for Psychological Science (APS) Rising Star
Outstanding Achievement and Promise for Future Accomplishments (Bassell Student Award), University of Pittsburgh
Dean's Graduate Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Psychological Foundation (PPF) Education Award, Frank and MaryAnn Dattilio Scholarship
American Psychological Foundation (APF) Visionary Award
NIDA Director's Travel Award, College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD)
Outstanding Research Paper by a Fellow in Psychology, Emerson Award, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Department of Psychiatry
NIDA/NIAA Webinars by Early Career Investigators in Addiction Neuroscience (WECAN)

Professional Memberships

Flux International Congress for Integrative Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
College on Problems of Drug Dependence
Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Tervo-Clemmens, B., Gilman, J. M., Evins, A. E., Bentley, K. H., Nock, M. K., Smoller, J. W., & Schuster, R. M., 2024. Substance Use, Suicidal Thoughts, and Psychiatric Comorbidities Among High School Students. JAMA Pediatrics,
Tervo-Clemmens, B., Calabro, F. J., Parr, A. C., Fedor, J., Foran, W., & Luna, B., 2023. A canonical trajectory of executive function maturation from adolescence to adulthood. Nature communications, 14 (1): 6922.
Tervo-Clemmens, B., Karim, Z. A., Khan, S. Z., Ravindranath, O., Somerville, L. H., Schuster, R. M., ... & Evins, A. E., 2023. The Developmental Timing but Not Magnitude of Adolescent Risk-Taking Propensity Is Consistent Across Social, Environmental, and Psychological Factors. Journal of Adolescent Health,
Tervo-Clemmens, B., Marek, S., & Barch, D. M., 2023. Tailoring Psychiatric Neuroimaging to Translational Goals. JAMA Psychiatry, 80 (8): 765-766.
Marek, S., Tervo-Clemmens, B. (shared first author), et al., 2022. Reproducible brain-wide association studies require thousands of individuals. Nature, 603 (7902): 654-660.
doi: PubMed ID: 35296861.
Tervo-Clemmens, B., Quach, A., Calabro, F. J., Foran, W., & Luna, B., 2020. Meta-analysis and review of functional neuroimaging differences underlying adolescent vulnerability to substance use. NeuroImage, 209 116476.



Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, F282/2A West Building, 2450 Riverside Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55454