David Satin

Associate Professor
Director of courses in ethics, law and public health, Medical School
Faculty Advisor, Medical School


David Satin, MD, is the department compliance officer and risk management leader. Within the Medical School, he directs the core topics in ethics, law, policy, healthcare finance, and quality improvement. He serves as a preceptor in the University of Minnesota Medical Center Family Medicine Residency (Smiley's Clinic.) At the continuing professional development level (formerly known as CME) he co-directs the Rothenberger Leadership Academy. He has served on several AMA workgroups making quality measures for CMS, testified to pass Minnesota legislation requiring social risk adjustment within State Pay-for-Performance programs, and has consulted internationally on issues in Value-Based Payment. He currently chairs the Risk Adjustment and Segmentation Committee of Minnesota Community Measurement and serves on its Measurement and Reporting Committee. He also serves on the boards of the Department of Family Medicine, Stratis Health, and the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety.

Research Summary

Dr. Satin’s research interests span the field of health systems science, with publications on quality improvement, public health, behavioral economics, shared decision-making, and topics in bioethics. 

Clinical Summary

Underserved medicine, hospital medicine, bioethics, family medicine, and inpatient medicine.




PWB, 6-167
420 Delaware St. SE, MMC 381
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0356