Devin Hanson

Assistant Professor


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and a licensed clinical psychologist. I earned my PhD in clinical psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, with a focus on community psychology. I trained in the VA Health Care System for an internship (Ann Arbor VAHCS) and postdoctoral residency (Minneapolis VAHCS) specializing in serious mental illness. Prior to joining the department I have worked in community mental health, state psychiatric hospital systems, and an urban safety net hospital. I provide psychological services (therapy and assessment) to patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression in the Interventional Psychiatry clinic at St Louis Park.

I am passionate about education and have trained psychology and psychiatry interns and residents in the foundations and advanced practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My research interests include healthcare and research exclusion for marginalized groups as well as delivering high-quality psychological interventions.

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Teneshia Collins

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Research Summary

Dr. Hanson's research interests include healthcare and research exclusion for marginalized groups, as well as systems for delivering high-quality psychological interventions in communities.


MA, Wayne State University
Major: Clinical Psychology
PhD, Wayne State University
Major: Clinical Psychology
BS, North Dakota State University
Major: Psychology & Sociology

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

Specialization in Serious Mental Illness, Fellowship
Minneapolis VA Healthcare System
Clinical Psychology Internship,
Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System/University of Michigan Medical School

Professional Memberships

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Minnesota Psychological Association
American Psychological Association: Division 18 Psychologists in Public Service
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Harris, J. I., Hanson, D., Leskela, J., Billig, J., Padilla-Martinez, V., Boyd, J., Nienow, T., 2021. Reconsidering research exclusion for serious mental illness: Ethical principles, current status, and recommendations. JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC RESEARCH, 143 138-143.
Hanson, D. M., Toro, P. A., 2019. Contributions of community psychologists to research, theory, intervention, and policy on homelessness since 1980. JOURNAL OF URBAN AFFAIRS, 42 (5): 750-764.
Opperman, K. J., Hanson, D. M., Toro, P. A., 2017. Depression Screening at a Community Health Fair: Descriptives and Treatment Linkage. ARCHIVES OF PSYCHIATRIC NURSING, 31 (4): 365-367.
Moeller, S. K., Robinson, M. D., Wilkowski, B. M., Hanson, D. M., 2011. The Big Chill: Interpersonal Coldness and Emotion-Labeling Skills. JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY, 80 (3): 703-724.
Ode, S., Robinson, M. D., Hanson, D. M., 2011. Cognitive-emotional dysfunction among noisy minds: Predictions from individual differences in reaction time variability. COGNITION & EMOTION, 25 (2): 307-327.
Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter) "Chain Analysis: An essential tool of the ‘B’ in DBT (behaviorism). Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy", Minneapolis VA Health Care System, University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, and Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 19, 2021.
Collins, T. M., (Author & Presenter), Harris, J.I., (Author & Presenter), Leskela, J., (Author & Presenter) "The ethics of exclusion: representing people who manage serious mental illness in research.", American Psychological Association Annual Convention, American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago, Illinois, August 11, 2019.
Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter) "A perspective on the science of solving homelessness.", Minneapolis VA Medical Center Mental Health Grand Rounds, Minneapolis VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 22, 2019.
Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter) "Serious Mental Illness: Disparities in Practice", American Psychological Association Beyond Inclusion Serious Mental Illness Series, American Psychological Association (APA), Webinar, March 20, 2019.
Hanson, D. M., (Presenter), Winters, J.J., (Presenter), Nelson, C.B., (Presenter) "A comparison of homeless veterans’ utilization of substance use and other kinds of treatment in a large local VA healthcare system.", Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies 52nd Annual Convention, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), Washington, District of Columbia, November 18, 2018.
Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter) "Evaluating a homeless service prioritization tool’s use and context in a coordinated system of care.", Society for Community Research and Action 16th Biennial, Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA), Canada. June 24, 2017.
Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter), Toro, P.A., (Author & Presenter) "Predictors of readmission among homeless people in a large Midwestern city.", Second Annual International Housing First Conference, International Housing First, Ireland. March 05, 2016.
Hanson, D. M., (Author & Presenter), Toro, P.A., (Author & Presenter) "Contributions of Community Psychologists to Research, Theory, Intervention, and Policy on Homelessness since 1980.", Journal of Urban Affairs (2020),



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