Felicia Hansell

Assistant Professor


I received my BA from Vassar College in New York, and received my medical degree here at the University of Minnesota, where I further completed my psychiatry residency in the neuroscience track.I am an adult psychiatrist with a focus on psychosis. As the psychiatrist for the NAVIGATE program, I have the opportunity to work as part of a team providing therapeutic interventions above and beyond medication treatment for young people and their families experiencing their first episode of psychosis. The thing I find most rewarding is hearing from patients that they feel like themselves again, or from parents that they have their child back. I also work as part of the Coordinated Care Psychiatric Service, providing consultation to primary care providers and providing brief psychiatric care in the primary care context. I enjoy the opportunity to integrate the broader view of the patient's medical complexities into my practice. Within my role, I co-lead weekly DSM-5 based case discussions for junior residents and medical students, as well as teach the biopsychosocial formulation alongside the diagnostic criteria, exploring how diagnosis drives management.Within the department, I am a member of the APPLE taskforce (Advanced Psychiatry Pathways Longitudinal Experience), a committee that focuses on curriculum redesign and track-based learning experiences.