Penn Muluhngwi, PhD, DABCC, NRCC, SC (ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Penn Muluhngwi

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-273-3131

Mailing Address:
MMC 724
420 Delaware
Minneapolis, MN 55455

HLA Director in Training Fellowship, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, 2021

Clinical Chemistry Fellowship, University of Louisville School of Medicine, 2020

Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Louisville School of Medicine, 2017

MS, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Louisville School of Medicine

MS, Biology, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas


Dr. Muluhngwi's recent research activities include thestudy of a circulating biomarker for CNS tumors and a retrospective study of oncogenic driver mutations in non-small-cell lung cancer patients. He hopes his interest in HLA and transplantation, which stems from his experience as a laboratory technician, will lead to improving patient care through high-quality laboratory testing and interpretation.



Sharp C.N., Fletcher A.,Muluhngwi P., Snyder J., Linder M. W., and Jortani S. A.A shared diagnostic stewardship approach toward improving autoimmune encephalopathy send-out testing utilization.  J Appl Lab Med.24 Nov 2020 (

Muluhngwi P., Valdes, Jr. R., Fernandez-Botran R., Burton E., Williams B., Linder M. W. (2019)Cell-free DNA diagnostics: current and prospective applications in oncology.  Pharmacogenomics. 20(5):357-380.

Muluhngwi P., Sharp C.N., Pozzi N., Elin R., Jortani S. A.Verification of newly FDA- approved kappa and lambda free light chain assays on a previously untested platform.  J Appl Lab Med.2019;4(3):323-330.