Lisa M. Anderson

Assistant Professor


I obtained my BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and received my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York. I completed my APA-accredited clinical internship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center/G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center Psychology Training Consortium and my postdoctoral research fellowship in the NIMH T32 Midwest Regional Postdoctoral Training Program in Eating Disorders Research at the University of Minnesota. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science and the Director of Education & Training for the Minnesota Center for Eating Disorders Research.

My clinical training focused primarily on the treatment of anxiety, mood, and eating disorders in adolescents and adults. Within the department, I am a Clinical Psychologist in the Interventional Psychiatry program and provide evidence-based treatments (cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral activation, exposure therapy) for treatment-resistant mood, anxiety, and anxiety-related disorders. 

Within the University, I am a member of the Institutional Review Board.  


  • Eating disorders
  • Adult anxiety; social anxiety

Administrative Assistant

(for academic support only)
Molly Jokimaki

In the Media

Research Summary

Dr. Anderson's research seeks to identify and characterize the behavioral and biological factors that contribute to the risk and maintenance of eating disorders, in order to inform efforts to develop and optimize novel, targeted treatments for individuals with eating disorder psychopathology. Her research is currently funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and aims to examine the computational and neurophysiological processes that underlie threat-based learning and decision-making systems in individuals with eating disorders. This work informs a parallel line of research with the purpose to develop novel precision treatments for eating disorders.

Teaching Summary

Dr. Anderson has taught undergraduate psychology courses on psychopathology and has presented on eating disorders, body image, and motivational interviewing as a guest lecturer. Dr. Anderson has also provided clinical training and supervision on the use of motivational interviewing in inpatient populations, as well as on the use of exposure therapy for treating eating disorders.

Clinical Summary

Dr. Anderson has been trained to provide individual, group, and family psychotherapy to adolescents and adults. Dr. Anderson's clinical experience has predominantly involved cognitive-behavioral therapy (traditional CBT, exposure and response prevention therapy, The Unified Protocol, third-wave behavior therapies (dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance, and commitment therapy) for mood and anxiety disorders, and specialized eating disorder treatment (enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy).

Her clinical interests include Anxiety Disorders; Eating Disorders; Body Image; Mood Disorders.


MA, University of Albany
Major: Clinical Psychology
BA, University of Minnesota
Major: Psychology
PhD, University of Albany, State University of New York

Fellowships, Residencies, and Visiting Engagements

Predoctoral Psychology Resident, Residency
University of Mississippi Medical Center/ G.V. Montgomery VA Medical Center
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Fellowship
University of Minnesota Medical School

Licensures and Certifications

Licensed Psychologist, State of Minnesota

Honors and Recognition

Overall Article of the Year, Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention
Career Development Award, University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Association
Top Abstracts Award
Gorman Foundation Fellowship, University at Albany, State University of New York Psychological Services Center Gorman Foundation Fellowship
Resident Outstanding to the Consortium Award, Leadership, Mississippi Clinical Psychology Training Consortium
Obesity and Eating Disorders Special Interest Group, Poster Competition Award (multiple)
MGH Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program Summer Research Fellowship, Matina S. Horner, Ph.D., the Lawrence J and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation, and Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Professional Development Grant to Attend and Present at the 48th annual meeting of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, University at Albany – Graduate Student Association Grants Program
Travel Grant to Attend and Present at the 20th Annual International Conference on Eating Disorders, University at Albany Graduate Initiative Grant Program
Travel Grant to Attend and Present at the 19th Annual International Conference on Eating Disorder, University at Albany Graduate Initiative Grant Program

Professional Memberships

Coalition for the Advancement and Application of Psychological Science
Eating Disorders Research Society
Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology
APA, Division 12: Society of Clinical Psychology
Academy for Eating Disorders
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Morales, C., Dolan, S.C., Anderson, D.A., Anderson, L. M., 2022. Exploring the contributions of affective constructs and interoceptive awareness to feeling fat. Eating and Weight Disorders, 22 3533-3541.
Anderson, L. M. (Lead Author), Hall, L. J., Crosby, R. D., Crow, S. J., Berg, K. C., Durkin, N. E., Engel, S. G., Peterson, C. B., 2022. “Feeling fat,” disgust, guilt, and shame: Preliminary evaluation of a mediation model of binge-eating in adults with higher-weight bodies. Body Image, 42 32-42.
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Bektas, S. (Lead Author), Keeler, J. L., Anderson, L. M., Mutwalli, H., Himmerich, H. (Corresponding Author), Treasure, J., 2022. Disgust and Self-Disgust in Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Nutrients, 14 (9): 1728.
doi: PubMed ID: 35565699.
Haynos, A. F. (Lead Author), Widge, A. S., Anderson, L. M., Redish, A. D., 2022. Beyond Description and Deficits: How Computational Psychiatry Can Enhance an Understanding of Decision-Making in Anorexia Nervosa. Current Psychiatry Reports, 24 77-87.
doi: PubMed ID: 35076889.
Anderson, L. M. (Lead Author), Khalsa, S. S. (Corresponding Author), Berner, L. A., 2022. Gastrointestinal interoception in eating disorders: Charting a new path. Current Psychiatry Reports, 24 47-60.
doi: PubMed ID: 35061138.
Simone, M. (Lead Author), Telke, S., Anderson, L. M., Eisenberg, M., Neumark-Sztainer, D., 2022. (2022). Ethnic/racial and gender differences in disordered eating behavior prevalence trajectories among women and men from adolescence into adulthood. Social Science & Medicine, 294 114720.
Joyner, K. J. (Lead Author), Anderson, L. M., Bekele, B. M., Callahan, J. L., Egbert, A., Grus, C., Hill, K., Hsu, J., Keilin, G., Lopez, G., Mehta, T., Sequeira, S., Siegel, W., Silberbogen, A. K., Strauman, T. J., Vas, S. N., Wall, J., Washburn, J. J., , 2022. Exploring different visions for the future of health service psychology internships: Reports from an initial stakeholder meeting. Behavior Therapist,
Mason, T. B., Smith, K. E., Anderson, L. M., Hazzard, V. M., 2021. Anhedonia, positive affect dysregulation, and risk and maintenance of binge-eating disorder. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 54 (3): 287-292.
doi: PubMed ID: 33295671.
Schaumberg, K., Reilly, E. E., Gorrell, S., Levinson, C. A., Farrell, N. R., Brown, T. A., Smith, K. M., Schaefer, L. M., Essayli, J. H., Haynos, A. F., Anderson, L. M., 2021. Conceptualizing eating disorder psychopathology using an anxiety disorders framework: Evidence and implications for exposure-based clinical research. Clinical Psychology Review, 83 101952.
doi: PubMed ID: 33221622.
Selected Presentations

Selected Presentations

Sanzari, C.M., Gorrell, S., Anderson, L. M., Reilly, E.E., Anderson, D.A., Hormes, J.M. "The impact of social media use on body image and disordered eating behaviors: Content matters more than duration of exposure.", The 29th annual meeting of the International Conference on Eating Disorders, June 03, 2023.
Anderson, L. M., Michel, S., Schaumberg, K. "Clarifying the “icky” factor: A preliminary investigation of food disgust in adults with restrictive eating disorders. ", 28th annual meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts, September 15, 2022.
Schaumberg, K., Anderson, L. M., Gorrell, S., Haynos, A.F., Brown, T.A. "Advancing the next generation of eating disorder research by facilitating early career collaboration, harmonization, and open science. ", 28th Annual Eating Disorders Research Society Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 15, 2022.
Aouad, P., Reilly, E.E., Gorrell, S., Cooper, M.E., Anderson, L. M. "Post-docs ‘round the world", 28th annual meeting of the Virtual International Conference on Eating Disorders, Virtual, June 09, 2022.
Cusack, C.E., Wright, T., Anderson, L. M., Levinson, C.A. "Differentiating among threat-based processes and their associations with binge-eating, purging and restricting food intake.", 28th annual meeting of the Virtual International Conference on Eating Disorders, Virtual, June 09, 2022.
"The relationship between trait impulsivity, state negative affect, and eating behavior in young adults with loss-of-control eating: A multi-method experimental study", Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, December 13, 2021.
Anderson, L. M., (Author & Presenter), Peterson, C. B., (Author), Crow, S. J., (Author) "Feared foods and frightening bodies: An examination of cue-specific fear reactivity in treatment-seeking women with eating disorders", Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Virtual Confrence, November 01, 2021.
Anderson, L. M., (Author & Presenter), Anderson, D. A., (Author), Reilly, E. E., (Author) "Gross foods and icky bodies: Examining the associations between subjective disgust reactivity and eating disorder symptoms in young adults", Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Virtual Convention, November 01, 2021.
Anderson, L. M., Perry, T. R., (Author), Anderson, D. A., (Author) "Altered interoceptive awareness associated with increased eating pathology in a non-clinical sample", 27th annual meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society, Boston, September 17, 2021.
Anderson, L. M., (Author), Hazzard, V. M., (Advisor), Mason, T. B., (Author), Davis, H., (Author), Dodd, D. R., (Author), Crosby, R. D., (Author), Engel, S. G., (Author), Crow, S. J., (Author), Wonderlich, S. A., (Author), Peterson, C. B., (Author) "Feeling “fat” or negative affect? Evaluating the associations between momentary levels of feeling fat and negative affect in individuals with binge-eating disorder", 27th annual meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society, Boston, Massachusetts, September 17, 2021.



Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, F282/2A West Building, 2450 Riverside Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55454