Oyedele Adeyi



Dr. Adeyi is an anatomic pathologist with expertise in liver and transplantation pathology. His clinical practice covers medical, transplant and oncologic diseases of the liver, with more than 15 years' experience as a hepatobiliary pathology sub-specialist. His primary research interest is in transplant and tumor immunology. During his career he has combined an active clinical service with research and teaching as well as participating locally, nationally, and internationally as a key resource in medical, transplantation and oncologic liver diseases. Adeyi's research has focused on the interplay between the immune system on the one hand and allogeneic, tumor and viral antigens on the other.  In collaboration he has used murine and pig models to study varying aspects of alloimmunity, infections, and tumorigenesis in modified immunologic backgrounds, with a view to understanding how best to utilize the innate and specific immune systems in achieving better outcomes in solid organ transplantation and malignancies, as well as viral infections and organ preservation injury.

Research Summary

Transplant and tumor immunology


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