Susan Everson-Rose

Professor of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine
Associate Director, Program in Health Disparities Research
Affiliate Professor, School of Public Health


Administrator Info
Name: Jill Charles
Phone: 612-624-0468
Fax: 612-626-6782
Mail: 717 Delaware Street SE
Suite 166
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Dr. Susan Everson-Rose, PhD, MS, MPH, FABMR, FAPS, is a tenured Professor in the Department of Medicine where she also serves as Associate Director for Research in the Division of General Internal Medicine. She also is Associate Director of the Program in Health Disparities Research, and Director of the Health Equity Leadership and Mentoring (HELM) program, which provides career development support and leadership training for early-stage investigators doing health equity work and/or identifying from a group under-represented in medicine and science. She is trained in psychophysiology, health disparities, and cardiovascular and social epidemiology and has over 30 years of experience as an NIH-funded investigator. The overarching goal of her research, which is guided by a Social and Structural Determinants of Health (SSDOH) framework, is to understand how lived experiences influence the patterning of health and disease across diverse patient populations and community samples. Her work has shown how stress, distress, emotions, personality, behavioral, social and economic factors contribute to morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases and related conditions, greater cognitive decline, cancer-related behavioral and lifestyle risk factors, and worse health outcomes overall. Her most recent work focuses on evidence-based stress-management, and mindfulness-based interventions that can be used to effectively manage chronic disease conditions and promote healthier lifestyles in diverse settings. Dr. Everson-Rose has published extensively (>150 peer-reviewed manuscripts that collectively have been cited in the literature >21,000 times) and is nationally and internationally recognized for her expertise in psychosocial factors in chronic disease. 


MPH, University of Pittsburgh
MS, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
PhD, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Honors and Recognition

President, Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research
Carole J. Bland Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, University of Minnesota Medical School
President, American Psychosomatic Society
Distinguished Alumni Award, Minnesota State University Moorhead Department of Psychology
Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Hadidi NN, Gorzyki E, Jones C, Everson-Rose SA, Taylor Z, Gurvich O. Sharing perspectives in African American communities to reduce stroke risk through community listening circles. Journal of Community Health Nursing. 2023; 40(2):119-132. DOI: 10.1080/07370016.2022.2161306. ,
Blaes A, Nair C, Everson-Rose SA, Jewett P, Wolf J, Zordoky B. Psychological measures of stress and biomarkers of inflammation, aging, and endothelial dysfunction in breast cancer survivors on aromatase inhibitors. Sci Rep. 2023;13(1):1677. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-023-28895-4.,
Logeais ME, Eckerstorfer M, Krohn KM, Everson-Rose SA, Termuhlen AM, Joseph AM Gender distribution in letters of evaluation for promotion at one medical school. Academic Medicine; 2022 1;97(12):1816-1823. DOI: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000004803.,
Mell CA, Jewett PI, Vogel RI, Teoh D, Everson-Rose SA. Psychosocial predictors of fear of cancer recurrence in a cohort of gynecologic cancer survivors. Psychooncology. 2022;31(12):2141-2148. DOI:10.1002/pon.6055.,
Janssen I, Powell LH, Everson-Rose SA, Hollenberg SM, El Khoudary SR, Matthews KA. Psychosocial well-being and progression of coronary artery calcification in midlife women. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2022; 11:e023937. DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.121.023937. ,