The Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics (BMBB) comprises faculty from the Medical School and the College of Biological Sciences who are committed to understanding the molecular mechanisms of metabolic diseases and cancer; developing novel strategies in biocatalysis and biotechnology; and advancing knowledge through structural biology and molecular biophysics. Multiple research opportunities allow BMBB faculty to interface with a variety of other basic science and clinical faculty within the university and the scientific community.

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Undergraduate Program

Our educational program emphasizes strong foundational training with a core curriculum focusing on macromolecular structure and function, metabolism, molecular biology, signal transduction, and biophysics.

Graduate Program

Our graduate students fuse ideas from dynamic fields like biophysics, genomics, proteomics, structural biology, and more to investigate game-changing questions about the fundamental mechanisms of life.

bmbb research

Faculty and students within the department explore diverse research topics, including: aging, bioinformatics, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, molecular genetic, immunology, microbiology, gene therapy, and more.

Our Faculty

Our faculty come from both the University of Minnesota Medical School and College of Biological Sciences and hold affiliations with many other academic institutions. They are internationally recognized researchers in many areas such as structural biology and biophysics, the molecular basis of metabolic and autoimmune disease, metallobiology, environmental biotechnology, and genome maintenance.