Standardized Formats

To enable efficient data processing with high-throughput data pipelines, we will establish standardized data formats as a prerequisite for data integration. We will use as our basis the data formats that have been established in the human neuroimaging field (most importantly, Brain Imaging Data Structure, BIDS). The principle for integration of the data will be the projection of a common space (Paxinos and D99 for monkeys, Allen Brain Atlas for mice) into the individual animals’ data space. This projection into a common space ensures independence of framework and modality and avoidance of unnecessary interpolation steps. It will help platform users by providing a way to morph data into any of several possible spatial reference frames. It will also allow for later upgrades, for example, with regards to expected improvements in the spatial and/or temporal resolution of data in the future. Aside from the initial data set, we will curate the integration of data from users of the Center and beyond; these data will be stored in the same format.