FMCH 7500

Acting Internship in Family Medicine


Elisabeth Arendt
Course Coordinator

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Catalog Description: This 4-week elective is offered at all of the University of Minnesota-affiliated residency programs in Family Medicine (Twin Cities, Duluth, St. Cloud), and select other local programs. This elective provides students the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of Family Medicine and Community Health and what it is like to be an intern at that program. The student will work with Family Medicine faculty physicians and residents in all the facets of Family Medicine care available at that program. These may vary by site, but can include: outpatient clinic; telehealth; inpatient hospital service; labor and delivery; after hours and weekend work or overnight call; procedures; and, where applicable, nursing home rounds, home visits, or other community service activities. Each period, students will meet virtually with a course director, present a case, and hear classmates' presentations followed by a group discussion. Additionally, there is a schedule of Guest Residency program presentations that any past, current, or future Family Medicine Acting Intern may join. A quorum of 3 students is necessary to offer this elective in any given period.



View site addresses by clicking on the site name below or visiting the site codes table.

Site Code Site Name Notes

Duluth Family Medicine Clinic

St. Mary’s

St. Luke’s

All students in Duluth will be placed at Duluth Family Medicine Clinic. After drop/add, placements at either St. Mary’s or St. Luke’s will also be made.


M Health Fairview Clinic - Smiley's

UMMC - West Bank

Students go to both sites


M Health Fairview Clinic - Bethesda

M Health Fairview Woodwinds Health Campus

Students go to both sites


M Health Fairview Clinic - Phalen Village

M Health Fairview St. John's Hospital

Students go to both sites


Methodist Hospital

Park Nicollet Clinic - Creekside

Students go to both sites


Broadway Family Medicine Clinic

North Memorial Health Hospital

Students go to both sites


Family Health Clinic

St. Cloud Hospital

Students go to both sites


United Hospital

United Family Physicians Clinic

Students go to both sites


Mayo Clinic Eastridge

Mankato - Mayo Hospital

Students go to both sites

Required Session Attendance: All case presentation sessions (typically held virtually on Wednesday afternoons)

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: 7am-5pm M-F. Students are also expected to engage in after hours call in both inpatient and obstetrical call at a frequency of approximately once per week; call may include evenings, overnights, and weekends depending on the site.

Direct patient care: Yes

Consent Requirement: Arranged. Please submit a request to schedule using the form linked below.

FMCH Arranged Electives Form

Grading Scale: P/N 

Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Course equivalency: Does not apply