NSU 7500

Acting Internship Neurosurgery


Claire Olesen
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered


Note: This course is moving to Acting Internship credit for the 22-23 Academic year.

Catalog Description:  Student will be an integral part of the neurosurgical team, participating closely with the other house staff in patient care and decision-making processes. An important aspect of the acting internship will be the opportunity to see neurosurgical procedures in correlation with the patients for whom the student is caring. In addition, regular teaching sessions and conferences will be held with the neurology and neurosurgical staff. During the final week of the rotation the student will be expected to do independent study on a topic and present this to the neurosurgical team.


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Site Code

Site Name



UMMC - East Bank



Hennepin County Medical Center


Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:  Rounds everyday at 5:00am, duties assigned by chief resident daily so end time varies on assigned duty.  No weekends required but used for make-up days if needed.

Direct patient care:  Yes

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

Course Objectives:  This course will provide a broad exposure for students interested in neurological surgery, neurology, primary care, and other surgical specialties. The student will gain:

  • a greater understanding of the management of neurosurgical diseases as a neurosurgeon;
  • a greater ability for the diagnosis of specialized neurosurgical problems;
  • an appreciation of the disease entities treated with neurosurgery both in clinic and the operating room; and
  • in this rotation, forming the first formalized step for undertaking neurosurgery as a career choice.

Graded Components:

  • Clinical evaluation by attending
  • Oral presentation
  • Case studies completed


Allow repetition of course: Repeatable twice for up to 8 credits.

Limited to Student Type:  No

Course equivalency:  N/A

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