MNMD 6502

Clinical Skills II


Sara Roberts & Pia Richardson

Course Managers

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered

Medical Student


Catalogue Description: Clinical Skills is a comprehensive exploration of the direct care components of medical education. The course begins with the basic skills of a physician and builds layers of increasingly advanced techniques. This will be integrated with the organ systems courses running concurrently and prepare students for success in their clerkships.
Each section of Clinical Skills will incorporate knowledge acquisition and skill building in the following activities: History and Physical Exam, Patient Centered Care, Differential Diagnosis, Diagnostic and Screening Tests, Orders and Treatments,Documenting a Patient Encounter, Oral Presentation, Forming Clinical Questions and Retrieving Evidence, Transition of Care, Urgent/Emergent Care, Informed Consent, General Procedures of a Physician, and the Culture of Safety.
Students will engage in clinical skill development through facilitated small group work, simulated clinical experiences, immersion in clinical settings, and other active learning modalities.