PED 7537

Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism


Laura Kramer
Course Coordinator
Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered


Catalog Description: This course includes outpatient clinic work Monday through Friday and attendance at Pediatric Endocrine Conference and Pediatric Grand Rounds weekly among other conferences. The student works with faculty, fellows, and residents in a small group. This course is particularly suitable for students planning to pursue residency programs in Internal Medicine and in Pediatrics. It should enable them to become fully prepared in the above areas to properly function as a resident.


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Required session attendance: Does not apply

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode: 7 half-days of clinic and 2 afternoons of inpatient rounds, plus conferences

Direct patient care: Yes

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

Course Objectives: This course extends studies of endocrinology and diabetes beyond the levels acquired in basic externships, while providing opportunities to advance the student's ability to recognize and solve (a) clinical problems of growth and pubertal development; and (b) specific disorders of the endocrine system including adrenal disorders, diabetes, disorders of sex development, bone metabolism disorders, obesity, pituitary disorders, endocrine problems following bone marrow transplantation, thyroid disorders, disorders of water metabolism (e.g., diabetes insipidus).

Graded Components: 

  • Clinical assessment by attending

Grading Scale: H/E/S/N

Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Course equivalency: Does not apply