FMCH 7585

Sexual Problems in Clinical Practice


Elisabeth Arendt
Course Coordinator

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Catalog Description:  This course requires a commitment of ~40 hours per week (some evening time required) over a 2 week period. Students will have the opportunity to observe and shadow sexual health clinicians and researchers, including physicians, sex therapists, gender spectrum care therapists, pelvic floor therapists, and others. Students will observe sexual health education and counseling of intake and assessment sequences, individual and couple's therapy, group sex therapy, as well as medical evaluations and follow up visits. This is a psychological health clinic; the majority of appointment times are 53-60 minutes. Students will be provided with academic readings, videos, podcasts, and other educational material for independent learning in between observation sessions. The student is expected to participate in several hours of staff conferences, research meetings, and seminars each week.

Each student will be supervised by Dr. Kristen Mark, Director of Education at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Health, and they will rotate through observing different clinicians at the Institute for Sexual and Gender Health. Please email the course director regarding the logistics at least 2 weeks prior to your start date.


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Center for Sexual Health


Much of the clinic is operating remotely and ~75% of engagement is remote.

Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:   M-F 8:00am-5:00pm with some days starting later when evening group sessions are required.

Direct patient care:  No

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

Course Objectives: This course will demonstrate the importance of sexual health to overall health and provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary diagnosis and management of common sex-related concerns and problems encountered in clinical practice.

Through participation in the course, the student will be able to:

  • enhance their ability to take a thorough and appropriate sex history.
  • deal comfortably and thoroughly with sexuality-related material in an interviewing situation.
  • provide patients with basic sexual health education in an effective and appropriate manner.
  • distinguish a routinely treatable sexual complaint from one requiring extensive, highly specialized treatment.
  • make an effective referral of patients with sexual problems to specialized resources when appropriate.

Graded Components:

  • Clinical assessment by preceptor

Grading Scale:  P/N

Midcourse Feedback method/process:

Students should also review THIS rotation guide prior to starting.


Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Limited to Student Type:  No

Course equivalency:  N/A

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