Site Preceptors

Preceptors are practicing, board-certified family physicians, some of whom are former MetroPAP students. Primary Preceptors hold unpaid adjunct faculty appointments in the University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

Students also have the opportunity to work with other community physicians in family medicine and other specialties. Occasionally the primary preceptor may be trained in another primary care specialty.

Preceptors help students integrate the knowledge of the basic sciences with the practical problem-solving of clinical medicine. They teach and model effective communication, patient-centered care, practice management, and community-based health promotion and education in a variety of specialties.

Preceptors are oriented individually on site and receive a guidebook outlining the expectations and processes of the program. Through the University, Primary Preceptors have access to the Biomedical Library and other faculty development resources.

If you would like to be a preceptor and your site is a current/recent MetroPAP site, please e-mail If you would like to be a preceptor and your site is not a MetroPAP site, please email or call (612-624-3111) our office directly and we can help you start that process.


  • Specialty board certification
  • Interest in and time for teaching
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Willing to be responsible for coordination of MetroPAP experience on site and for evaluation of student performance


  • U of M email address and adjunct appointment for primary preceptor
  • CME and professional development opportunities
  • Teaching/learning experience
  • Potential recruitment of future colleagues
  • Opportunity to help train the next generation of Minnesota physicians