Application Process

*The RPAP application is now closed and will open again in October 2021.

The RPAP longitudinal experience gives an opportunity to understand all the aspects of social determinants of health in an individual patient as visits occur over time, as well as an opportunity for personal involvement in a community, to explore how those aspects are addressed. Check out the RPAP FAQ page and the alumni videos on this page to hear directly about the student experience.

Students apply to RPAP in their second year of medical school. RPAP applicants must complete the application form and provide answers to several essay questions as well as access to their grades for Years 1 and 2 coursework.

In 2020 all interviews were done virtually via Zoom. Most interviews for Duluth and Twin Cities students took place in early December 2020. Class selection generally occurs by mid-February of each year.

Before you start your application, review this word document that has information to help you fill out your application. For your CV, we have provided this CV template to use as a guide. Your CV does not have to follow this template exactly but must include all information listed. Please contact us with any questions or requests for assistance with your CV. *Note that a letter of recommendation is not required as part of this application.

Due Date: November TBD, 2021 by 11:59 pm

Info Sessions

TBD for 2021

Virtual Office Hours for Application Questions

TBD for 2021


Each RPAP student receives $16,000 for participation in RPAP - that equals half of your tuition for your third year! $8,000 is deducted from the student's University tuition twice - once in August and once in January - for a total reduction in your tuition of $16,000. The community site also pays the student a stipend of $4,000 OR provides free housing. The stipend is paid directly to the student. These payments are made as long as students are meeting RPAP program requirements. Students who are receiving service commitment scholarships that already cover tuition/fees and living stipend (such as Health Professions Scholarship Program, Indian Health Service, or National Health Service Corps) may not be eligible to receive the RPAP funding. If you have any questions, contact Kristin Basballe in the Medical School Office of Financial Aid,, 612-624-7675.


  • A student should be a motivated, independent learner
  • Must pass the USMLE Step I Board Exam
  • Solid academic performance in medical school courses; passed all requirements to begin clinical experience
  • Must successfully complete Medicine I clinical clerkship prior to RPAP
  • Immunization schedule must be up-to-date

Breaks and Vacations

RPAP students will not receive breaks according to the Medical School’s academic calendar (e.g., no spring break or winter break). Instead, they receive two weeks of vacation (10 weekdays + weekends) to schedule with the permission of their site and the RPAP office; throughout the program, the occasional sick day does not count against this total.

CONTACT Rural Physician Associate Program (RPAP)

A-675 Mayo Memorial Building

Phone: 612-624-3111
Fax: 612-624-2613