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If a site is listed but has not provided information for upcoming SIM year, can I still request that site?

Yes, you can. If a site has not responded to our inquiries at time of registration and a student requests that site, we will contact them to see if they are willing to provide an internship.

How long after registration will I find out about my placement?

We generally have 100+ applications for SIM. There is a tremendous amount of organization and coordination involved in setting up such a large number of internships. It takes several weeks to get the applicants in order and then placements will begin. There is no way to predict exactly when placements will begin due to the number of factors contributing to this timeline. Please feel free to contact the SIM Program Coordinator, Katy Frederickson (or contact Dr. Christensen) with questions and inquiries along the way.

Can I be guaranteed a SIM placement?

We can generally place all students who have the desire to be placed and the flexibility to go to a site that may not have been their top pick. SIM placement, as well as the sites available for placement, is not guaranteed. As you know, there are many changes happening in the healthcare industry today and sometimes these changes affect SIM placement. Each placement is site-specific and is ultimately controlled by what the site is capable of providing.

Do I have to locate/provide my own housing?

Housing availability varies by site. Some sites provide housing, some will assist in finding housing, and some leave it totally up to the student to make their own housing arrangements. There are potential costs associated with housing that the student should be prepared to cover if no onsite housing is available.

What expenses are involved?

Students are responsible for all general living expenses during their internship. Costs include gas or other transportation costs, food, housing, etc. As stated previously, some sites provide housing and there are a few sites that provide food. The university usually has an idea as to what each site will provide, however, these details need to be confirmed with the site by the student after placement is made.

Why does the site list only have the name of the town instead of the specific facility?

Sites coordinate SIM experiences in many different ways. Some experiences will be coordinated through the clinic with visits to the hospital, some only the hospital or only a clinic. We prefer not to specify a facility in each town as many times multiple facilities are working together.

What information will the site need from me after I am placed?

Information you need to provide your site depends on what site you are going to. The main information requested will be your immunization record and a copy of your background check. Your immunizations can be found under MyU and you will need to locate a copy of your background check. Some sites will request a resume or CV, some will have forms to fill out prior to your start date, and some will require orientation information to be completed. Please be prompt in providing your site with the information they request.

What if I have trouble communicating with the contact person at the site I have been placed?

You must be assertive in contacting your main contact person and get in touch with them as soon as your placement is confirmed. These professionals are often very busy and may not be able to respond to you in a timely manner. If you are having trouble getting a response from your main contact, please make sure your contact information is correct and then continue to request a response. Please contact the SIM Program Coordinator if you are unable to communicate with your site. Do not wait until it is too late to organize your visit.

Can I count on SIM for my summer job?

Most SIM sites do not provide a stipend. Summer Internships are scheduled for two weeks and if a steady income is required by the student, arrangements in addition to SIM should be made. SIM is designed for students to “experience” a rural site.

Is there a tuition charge for this course?

There is no additional tuition charge for this course. If a charge appears on your account, please contact the SIM Program Coordinator.

Can I do two internships?

It is possible to participate in two summer internships. However, placements for 2nd internships are not considered until ALL OTHER registrants have been placed in the first internship. If the site you are interested in for a 2nd internship is still available after all other placements, we can consider a 2nd placement. Therefore 2nd internships are coordinated very late in the process and often not until late June.

How can I get the most out of my summer internship experience?

Many reflection papers comment on how the student wished they would have received more ‘hands-on’ experience. Although there are sites that limit the amount of participation a student can be involved in, a large part of how much a student is allowed to participate depends on how much knowledge, confidence, and assertiveness the student portrays. Asking questions and asking to participate shows your interest and confidence, and many times students are allowed additional involvement and ‘hands-on’ experience because of this.