Minnesota Background Study

According to the Minnesota Statute S144.0574 a passing background study is required in order to have direct patient contact.

Students must go through the MN Department of Human Services NetStudy2.0 to request a MN background Study. Click on "Submit a Background Study" below to start the process. 

Deadline - October 1st of MS1 fall semester

Submit a Background Study

Part 1 of 2: Initiating the Background Study (online)

  1. Create an account or log in at NetStudy2.0 Applicant
    • If you "register as a new user" or forgot your password, a temporary password will be sent via dhs.netstudy2@state.mn.us email address. Use the temporary password to create or access your account. 
    • When creating your account we strongly encourage to include your social security number so your information is transferable to future MN background study providers (e.g. clinical sites, residency, MN employer). 
  2. After successfully registering your account, click on "Create Application". 
    • The next screen will ask for a provider number. Please make sure you use the correct campus provider number. 
      • Twin Cities provider number: L2NWFH
      • Duluth provider number: USESET
  3. Enter your personal information to submit your application.
  4. You will receive two emails.
    • One from the Medical School informing your study has been verified and paid.
    • Second email from DHS with your authorization form.
    • After you have received these emails you can start Part 2. 

Part 2 of 2: Fingerprint and Photograph (in-person) - TIME SENSITIVE

  1. When you receive an email from Medical School informing you we have verified and paid for your study you have 14 days to complete your fingerprint and photograph.
  2. Bring a copy of your fingerprint authorization form (paper or electronic) to a Authorized fingerprinting station.
  3. If you do not complete part 2 within 14 days of your study being verified you will be required to complete another study. This time you will be responsible for the cost ($29.10).


Study Results

Once your background study and fingerprint/photograph is complete, results will be mailed to you. It is important you keep the results in a secure location and available for any clinical rotation or volunteer activity that may request a copy in order to participate. You can download a replacement copy of your study from the MN Department of Human Services NetStudy2.0 website. 

Adverse Action

If the MNBS shows you did not meet the eligibility requirements imposed by that clinical site for participation as a medical student based on your criminal history or other history of misconduct, you will be pulled from that rotation.  In addition, your situation will be referred to the Medical School scholastic progress committee on your campus for review and possible further action regarding your student status. Students will be notified in writing prior to any adverse action is taken.

Changes or Corrections

If at any time your legal name changes (as listed on your background study), you are required to update your University of Minnesota student record by submitting a name change request form. You are also required to update your name and address on your study when neccassary. You can update your information via the MN Department of Human Services NetStudy2.0 website. 

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