Medical Student Policies

Policies governing all University of Minnesota Medical School students at the Central Campus in the Twin Cities and the Regional Campus in Duluth.

In addition to the below policies, all students are required to adhere to main University of Minnesota Policies.

Policy & Procedures Advisor Group

The Policy and Procedures Advisor Group (PPAG) is charged with developing and implementing a schedule for regular review of OME Office-Level policies and procedures, reducing policy duplication, working with policy owner(s) on a Policy Development or Revision Plan, ensuring that policies adhere to school, University, State, or other regulatory requirements, and serving as the official record-keeper for current OME Office-Level policies and procedures documents that fall within the scope outlined in the policy below.

 The Office of Medical Education Policy on Policies establishes a framework, a common format and process, and roles and responsibilities for the adoption, review, revision, and dissemination of Medical Education Office-Level policies and procedures.

If you have questions regarding policy development and procedures, please contact the Director of Accreditation and Quality Improvement, Joe Oppedisano (

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