Respirator Information (Mask Fit)

All students are required to complete a respiratory mask fit test prior to starting clinical rotations. 

Students will be fitted in spring of their second year prior to visiting clinical sites. This five minute pre-scheduled training is required only once. You will receive an email (to your U of M email account) indicating the day and time you are pre-scheduled for your training. We understand schedule conflicts happen. We ask that you please try to appear during your assigned hour, and if you cannot, please make it when you can on the day training is offered.

Student Action Required

Prior to your mask fit appointment please complete the Respiratory Medical Evaluation Questionnaire and bring with you to your schedule training. You will receive the questionnaire within the email containing your scheduled training information. This document along with the mask fit training is mandatory. If either part of this training is not complete you will be seen as non-compliant and will not be able to continue working with patients.  

Please arrive clean shaven to your fitting. If you have a mustache or beard that is permanent please still attend your pre-scheduled training time and location. You may need to wear a special mask during the training.


Shawn Evenson - Duluth