Emergency/Campus telephones

Emergency/Campus telephones are located near attendant booths or exits of various facilities for your safety convenience. Improved lighting in parking facilities is an ongoing project. Security systems using closed circuit television, alarm buttons, microphones, and motion detectors are being upgraded in many facilities. In addition, Parking and Transportation Services' Safety Personnel frequently patrol parking facilities and now provide increased coverage on weekends, overnights, and holidays. If you would like a free escort to your vehicle, contact the University Police Department Escort Service at (612) 624-9255,, or the University of Minnesota Medical Center Escort Service at (612) 273-4544.

The Motorist Assistance Program is a FREE program designed to help Twin Cities Parking and Transportation Services customers who are legally parked in any University parking facility. This includes University meters, surface lots, ramps, garages, loading zones, and vendor stalls. This program does not include University of Minnesota Medical Center parking facilities.

After calling their hotline, (612) 626-PARK (7275), individuals will receive assistance with unlocking vehicles when the keys are locked inside, changing flat tires, jumpstarting vehicles, and can be given referrals upon request to a service station when the problem is beyond the scope of their staff. 

Hours: Mon-Friday 7am-10pm
Service is not available on weekends or official University holidays.

The men and women of this department are proud to deliver police services to one of the largest universities in the United States. The University of Minnesota Police Department is committed to serve the university community and continually strive to work together to create a safe environment to learn, live, work and visit. Read about the department and its resources and services. Suggestions can be sent to


Escort Services

  • University of Minnesota Medical Center Escort Service, 612-273-4544
  • University Police Department Escort Service,, 612-624-9255

Motorist Assistance Program
612-626-PARK (7275)

University of Minnesota Police Department

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