Maintaining J-1 Visa Status

As a J-1 visa holder, you are responsible for knowing and understanding the requirements to obtain and maintain J-1 visa status.  This page contains important reminders and answers to some frequently asked questions about how to maintain J-1 visa status.  J-1 holders should refer also to the ECFMG website for a wealth of information.

Report address changes

J-1 visa holders are required to report any address changes to ECFMG within ten days.  Report these changes using the Online Applicant Status and Information System (OASIS) or the MyECFMG mobile app.

You must also notify USCIS of any address changes by filing Form AR-11.  The linked page includes instructions for filing the online or the paper version of the form.

Maintain adequate insurance coverage

All J-1 visa holders are required to maintain proper insurance coverage.  The benefits provided to UMN residents and fellows meet these coverage requirements.  In addition, J-1 physicians must ensure that their J-2 dependents (if applicable) have appropriate coverage.  For more information, visit ECFMG’s Mandatory J-1 / J-2 Medical Insurance Requirements webpage.

Report proposed changes to your training plan

Each DS-2019 is issued for a specific training program and level, and for specific training dates.  Any change to your training plan (program or level, dates, resignation, etc) requires amending your current or obtaining a new DS-2019.  If you are considering any changes to your outlined training plan, please notify the UMN TPL at

Report any incidents

UMN must notify ECFMG about any incidents or events that impact the health, safety, or welfare of J visa holders or that could bring the J-1 program notoriety or disrepute.  This includes situations that occur within the training institution AND outside of the training environment.  Refer to this reporting requirements document for information on the types of incidents that must be reported.  J-1 trainees should contact their program and the TPL ( immediately if they or a J-2 dependent are involved in any serious incident or allegation like those outlined.

Report travel plans

For more information about travel outside of the US during your training program, see our J-1/J-2 Travel page.

Complete annual I-9 Employment Authorization

Completion of the Form I-9 is not an ECFMG requirement, but is needed for J-1 visa holders to remain active on payroll.  Failure to complete a new I-9 each year will result in delays to your paycheck.  All J-1 visa holders will receive these J-1 Visa Payroll Process Instructions each year with their new DS-2019.



Training Program Liaisons (TPLs)

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