Thomas Satre, MD

Program Director, St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Thomas Satre

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Office Phone 320-240-3112

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1555 Northway Dr, Ste 200, St. Cloud, MN 56303

Program Director, St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Assistant Professor, Affiliated, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

MD, University of Iowa

Andrews Air Force Base Family Medicine Residency


Thomas Satre, MD, directs the University of Minnesota CentraCare St. Cloud Family Medicine Residency. He is also the editor-in-chief of the HelpDesk Answers project for the Family Physicians Inquiries Network. He mentors residents in research and writing. Other pursuits include transforming medical practice to improve quality and value in a patient-centered manner.


Medical information management, mentoring resident scholarly activity, medication-assisted treatment of opioid addiction, maternity care, quality improvement

Awards & Recognition

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Faculty Teacher of the Year, 2013



Mullet C, Satre T. In patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, does high flow nasal oxygen lead to better outcomes than non-invasive ventilation? Evidence-Based Practice. 2022;25(3):46-48.

Ferrer G, Satre T. In patients with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure from COPD, does use of home BiPAP improve outcomes? Evidence-Based Practice. 2022;25(3):11-12.

Hacker A, Satre T. In acute back pain, do topical NSAIDs relieve pain as well as oral NSAIDs? Evidence-Based Practice. 2022;25(3):18-19.

Chapman B, Satre T. Does cannabidiol (CBD) oil decrease the frequency and severity of chronic headaches? Evidence Based Practice. 2021;24(7):25.

Christensen E, Satre T. In patients who had appropriate initial weight loss after bariatric surgery, what patient behaviors are risk factors for regaining weight? Evidence-Based Practice. 2021;24(6):17-18.

Anderson J, Satre T. In adults with depression, does medication therapy directed by pharmacogenetic testing lead to better outcomes than nondirected medication therapy? Evidence Based Practice. 2021;24(6):30-31.

Larson L, Satre T. What is the optimal TSH level for patients with hypothyroidism on levothyroxine replacement therapy? Evidence Based Practice. 2018;21(9):99-100

Yadlapati S, Satre T. Is decolonization with short-term application of intranasal mupirocin ointment effective in preventing Staphylococcus aureus skin infections? Evidence Based Practice. 2019;22(3):7-8

Kirkeby B, Satre T. Does the combination of naltrexone and acamprosate relieve long-term abstinence rates over either treatment alone in patients with alcohol use disorder? Evidence Based Practice. 2019;22(5):25

Zaka Z, Satre T. For the treatment of latent tuberculosis in HIV-negative patients, which treatment regimen has the best patient compliance and long-term effectiveness? Evidence Based Practice. 2020;23(2):11-13.

Shaqra A, Satre T. Do hyaluronic acid injections in the shoulder improve pain and function in patients with chronic shoulder pain? Evidence Based Practice. 2020;23(3)22-23.

Henning M, Satre T. In adults with acute cough, do oral corticosteroids decrease or resolve cough faster than usual care? Evidence Based Practice. In press.


Board Certifications

Family Medicine

Clinical Interests

Medication-assisted treatment of opioid addiction, maternity care, quality improvement