Data Analysis

The Imaging Cells During Behavior core not only assists investigators in the analysis of data acquired through the use of equipment customized for researchers, but also offers AI based analysis of behavioral video acquired independently by labs.

  • Data preprocessing and analysis.  The ICBC has several analytical pipelines available for clients to use on the imaging data and will provide assistance and training in implementing them. These include preprocessing steps, such as data compression, to hemodynamic correction of calcium imaging data, image stabilization, and co-registration. Further data analytical tools include algorithms for functional segmentation and functional connectivity. The ICBC can also help develop new analytical tools for specific data analyses.
  • AI-based behavioral video monitoring and analysis in rodents.  The ICBC will work with users to integrate high-speed video monitoring to their existing experiments, or provide existing equipment for head-fixed behavioral experimentation including treadmills and BPOD finite-state-machines to coordinate cue and reward deliveries. Pipelines including state of the art AI-based behavioral tracking and unsupervised behavioral segmentation (i.e. DeepLabCut, and B-SOID) can extract more detailed representations of behaviors in a fraction of the time that hand-labeling would take. Code and training will be provided to users as well as assistance in developing customized code.