Imaging and Photometry

The Imaging Cells During Behavior core offers assistance

  • Wide-field calcium imaging.  The ICBC has the capability to perform wide-field calcium imaging in awake head-fixed mice.  The equipment available includes use of dual-wavelength hemodynamic correction for GCaMP, and the ability for simultaneous calcium imaging with optogenetics. Development and refinement of experimental design as well as training in use of the imaging equipment will be provided by the ICBC.

  • Two-photon (2P) imaging assistance.  The ICBC will work with the University Imaging Center (UIC) to help provide training and setup for performing 2P imaging (structural or functional) in anesthetized or awake head-fixed animals. Additional training and assistance can also be provided for analyzing 2P data using available software packages, such as FiJi, Suite2p, and developing custom MATLAB scripts.

  • Fiber photometry.  The ICBC will soon provide access to fiber photometry of subcortical brain structures in freely moving or head-fixed mice. Genetically encoded sensors for calcium, dopamine, and other signals will be available. Assistance will be provided with intracranial virus injections, headpost and optical fiber implantation, behavioral task design, and image acquisition and analysis.

  • Headfixed multi-scale imaging and behavioral analysis.