House Program

House Logos


The Houses Program fosters community and connection between medical students and between students and the medical school.

House Structure

Each House is made up of a third of the student body, an Academic Advisor, Faculty Advisors, Tutors and representatives from the Well-being Committee, Peer Mentorship Committee, and Peers Supporting Peers. The representatives from each of these groups for each House can be found in the Houses Resource Book.

Houses Competition

We encourage you to build community and connections with peers and with oneself. The Inter-House Competition is fully underway! In this first year of the competition, there are 5 categories in which students can earn points: Scholarly, Wellbeing, Social, Volunteering/Community, and Advocacy.  

By submitting an activity or event, you receive points which will help your house reach the next milestone. House Points can be submitted here.


You can find updated information related to the Houses Program in the most recent Medical Student Newsletter.

We also encourage you to engage in conversation with your House members and get up-to-date information on your House Discord page.

Houses Program Steering Committee

The Houses Program Steering Committee is headed by the House Leads, alongside administrative staff from the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Learner Development. The Committee meets on an ongoing basis to plan, support, and have oversight of House activities.

If you have any questions related to House Leadership or getting involved, you are welcome to contact:

House Webpages

Information for each individual House can be found at the pages below.