INMD 7422

EPAC LIC - Independent Study


Alexandra Behrend
EPAC Coordinator

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    Catalog Description: The EPAC independent study elective is a semester long experience meant to complement patient care in pediatric medicine by developing a student’s non-direct patient care knowledge, skills and attitudes.  The student will work with the course director to plan an independent study project; examples include a quality improvement project, drafting/submitting for presentation a case report, etc.  They will identify a supervising preceptor.  The student, course director and the supervising preceptor will sign an agreement prior to the start of the experience as to the final elective expectations.  This elective may be repeated up to a total of 3 times, to move on to the next phase in a project in progress or to do a new project.

    Sites: N/A

    Direct patient care: No

    Consent Requirement: Arranged

    Course Objectives: By the end of the elective the student will be able to demonstrate both knowledge and skills at a much more in-depth performance level within the particular area of concentration.

    Graded Components: 

    • Assessment by faculty

    Grading Scale: P/N


    Allow repetition of course: Yes, up to 3 times for up to 24 credits

    Limited to Student Type: Limited to EPAC students

    Course equivalency: N/A

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