INMD 7008

Foundations of Health Equity


Alexandra Behrend
Course Coordinator

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Note: This course is only offered in S4 and SP3. This course has an enrollment minimum of three. We will be in touch with enrolled prior to the start of the period as to whether this course will run.

Catalog Description:  This course prompts students to delve into the study of health equity, focusing on the bidirectional relationship between medicine and social factors, the development and propagation of disparities, and physicians' role in advocacy work.  Modules consist of presentations from experts, interactive activities, small group discussions, and reflection assignments.

Students will do a final project on a health equity organization of their choice and present to a small group.


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Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:

  • Participate in asynchronous zoom lectures
  • Participate in synchronous small group discussion 3 times/week

Direct patient care: No

Consent Requirement: Open to student scheduling

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of physicians in both the creation/propagation of health inequity and opportunities to effect positive change
  • Recognize health inequity as a pervasive issue with multifaceted implications
  • Identify social determinants of health that impact patients on a population level
  • Identify structural racism in action and its downstream effects
  • Discuss role of whiteness in perpetuation of health inequity
  • Determine the importance of continuous exploration of personal implicit biases

Graded Components:

  • Presentation

Grading Scale: P/N



Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Limited to Student Type: No

Course equivalency: N/A

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