MED 7540

Internal Medicine Research Elective


Mariah Ipsan
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
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Catalog Description:  Academic credit (1 credit per week "non-hands-on") will be awarded for satisfactory completion of a research project at the University of Minnesota Medical Center or one of our affiliate sites within the Department of Medicine. Year 3 and 4 medical students can take up to 12 weeks of research credit total throughout their 3rd and 4th year, although the preferred total amount of time is 8 weeks or less. If more than 8 weeks of credit are requested, both the advisor and the Director of Integrated Education - Clinical must approve. The student must have a research mentor prearranged, submit a short (limited to several paragraphs in length) description of the research through the application; and must have signature of the mentor at least 6 weeks in advance of taking the course. No retroactive credit will be approved.


Site Code

Site Name



Unspecified Site for Academic/Research Purposes


Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:  Varies depending on project

Direct patient care:  No

Consent Requirement (arranged or open to student scheduling):  Arranged--must contact course director/coordinator

Course Objectives:  To successfully participate in a special research project, including how to appropriately test a specific hypothesis for a medically related question.

Graded Components:  Assessment of the project the student is working on by the student's research mentor

Grading Scale:  P/N


Allow repetition of course:  Allow up to 2 repetition(s) totalling up to 16.0 credit(s).

Limited to Student Type:  No

Course equivalency:  None

Related curricular experience:  None

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Course evaluation: MedHub