INMD 7300

Medical Education


Janell Lopez
Clinical Education Manager

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    Prerequisite: If the project is for a particular course, students must have successfully completed the course for which they would like to do a MedEd project. Students can also participate in projects developing novel elective courses.

    Catalog description: Academic credit (1 credit per week ""non-hands-on"") will be awarded for satisfactory completion of a medical education project at the University of Minnesota Medical School. 

    The student must have an education mentor prearranged and submit a short description of the project through the application. No retroactive credit will be approved.

    See consent requirement below for the application and scheduling details.

    INMD 7300 Opportunities

    Sites:  UMN: Site varies by education project

    Required session attendance: Determined by mentor

    Typical weekly schedule/Delivery mode: Varies depending on education project

    Direct patient care: No

    Consent requirement: Arranged, fill out the below application

    INMD 7300 Application

    Course objectives:  Students will develop their own learning objectives for their experience in the education project. In general, by the end of the project experience, students should be able to:

    • apply evidence-based educational techniques and strategies in development of the education product
    • develop skills in teaching and learning

    Graded Components:

    Assessment from the Project Mentor

    Grading scale:  H/E/S/N


    Allow repetition of course: Yes, totalling up to 8 credits

    Limited to Student Type:  No

    Course equivalency:  N/A

    Related curricular experience: N/A

    Secure exam:

    Course evaluation: MedHub