OBST 7550

Reproductive Health


Heidi Fods
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
MS Year
Terms Offered


Catalog Description: This is a comprehensive course covering family planning methods, including abortion and contraception, their effectiveness, mechanism of action, advantages, disadvantages and management of complications. This course will look specifically at the etiology, prevention, diagnosis of, and management plans for unplanned pregnancy.


Note: Contact the Course Coordinator for any syllabi for previous years. 


View site addresses by clicking on the site name below or visiting the site codes table.

Site Code Site Name Notes

M Health Fairview Women's Clinic - Minneapolis

Whole Women's Health Minnesota

Planned Parenthood Vandalia

Pro Choice Minnesota

Students will attend all sites. Students will work with complex family planning providers when at the M Health Fairview Women's Clinic.

Required session attendance: Does not apply

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:  Typically students spend 2-3 days at WWH, 2-4 days at PP, and 2-4 days at the M Health Fairview Women's Clinic (working with complex family planning providers) during the rotation.  They attend Monday resident conference or Grand Rounds if appropriate.  They meet once during the 2 week rotation with a staff member at ProChoice for 1 hour discussion on public policy.

Direct patient care:  Yes

Consent Requirement: Arranged. Please fill out the form below to request to add this course.

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Grading Scale:  H/E/S/N

Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Course equivalency:  N/A