Transportation, Books & Supplies

Tips for saving on transportation and travel

  • Don't allow yourself the luxury of a new car prior to medical school, unless someone back home is paying the insurance, maintenance, and car payments. The Medical School budget does not cover these expenses, and you may find yourself financially strapped.
  • Consider public transportation which is relatively convenient and inexpensive. The Twin Cities Parking and Transportation Services website and Duluth's Sustainability website include suggestions and tips for commuting to, from, and around campus.
  • Explore other ways to save. Options include selecting an apartment near the Medical School, riding your bike, or carpooling with others.
  • Minimize your trips back home. If you do travel, attempt to find a group carpooling in your direction. If you must fly, make reservations far enough in advance to take advantage of super-saver fares.

Tips for saving on books and supplies

  • Figure out which textbooks are recommended and/or required by asking current students and exploring course websites.
  • Sell your old books, so you will have more money available to buy new ones.
  • Remember that you can always buy good reference volumes later in your career when you have more money available.