Research Project Budget Estimator (RPBE)

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Research Project Budget Estimator (RPBE)

Do you find it challenging to explore and estimate the expense of a new research idea?

Would you like a way to share your research budget estimates with your colleagues, leadership, or pre-award accountant? 

Does your team struggle to include a comprehensive list of all study needs when budgeting?

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What Is The Research Project Budget Estimator (RPBE) Tool?

The Research Project Budget Estimator (RPBE) tool allows research teams to build project budget estimates quickly to determine project feasibility when in the early stages of preparing to apply for a grant, external study collaboration, or contract with an industry partner. This tool is intended to work for everybody who plans research projects and needs to estimate budgets.

How Does RPBE Make Research Easier?

Budgets created within the RPBE can be shared with UMN peers, co-investigators, accountants as a preliminary budget drafts, and leadership. This tool is for internal estimating and drafting only; it is not meant to take the place of working with pre-award grants and contracts team(s) to formalize sponsored project budgets. The RPBE budgets are helpful for informing conversations with co-investigators and pre-award accountants to start building budgets with SPA.

The RPBE tool incorporates the ability to pull salary information for collaborators (lookup feature by x500/employee ID), and can automatically apply adjustments like the NIH Salary Cap, NIH Grad Student Compensation Cap and inflation rate to your budget calculations.

I Have an Idea for an Enhancement

Enhancements to improve functionality are made based on the feedback we receive from you. If you have any comments or ideas for future enhancements for this tool, please share them using this request form.

Please contact Amanda Rueter ( with any questions.