MNMD 6200

Nervous System and Human Behavior


Monica Rogers

Course Manager

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
Terms Offered

Medical Student


Catalogue Description: The Nervous System and Human Behavior course begins with a week of introductory neuroscience education called ‘Brain Camp’, in which students build foundational knowledge of the nervous system structure and neural systems, brain cell structure and function, as well as an introduction to nervous system function its relationship to Human Behavior. Students will then participate in eight weeks of educational sessions organized by common presenting clinical problems impacting the nervous system and human behavior. These themed weeks include Altered Mental Status, Sensation and Pain, Special Senses, Movement, Affective Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Multi-system Disorders. Each week includes a ‘Base Camp’ element delivering foundational concepts in neuroscience for the week’s case-based learning, problem-based learning and large group active learning sessions.