Course Continuous Quality Improvement

The Medical School conducts ongoing evaluations of courses and clerkships via CoursEval for years one and two, and MedHub for clinical clerkships and electives.
Since 2008, we have used feedback cards (previously paper, now available through Canvas) for ongoing feedback for all courses and clerkships. In addition, LEAD representatives provide information systematically and in real-time on each of the courses. Information gathered from all these and other sources are provided to course directors in a series of debrief meetings, are used to inform recommendations and commendations in each of the courses, are used in the course summaries that are presented to the appropriate committees, and are used to inform the Offices of Curriculum and Assessment and Evaluation (Twin Cities campus) and Assessment, Curriculum and Evaluation (Duluth campus) for continuous quality improvement.
If you have concerns about the organization of, or expectations in, a course or clerkship, the first person to contact is the course or clerkship director.

What is a LEAD representative?

The LEADs (Liaison for Educational Advancement and Development) are selected from each of the faculty advisor groups and assigned to provide specifics on courses in order to improve the learning environment.

Documents for LEAD representatives: