Residency Salary Information

We recommend that borrowers project the amount of their monthly student loan payments against their anticipated income during residency training.

Average salaries for housestaff (2021)

  • Year 1: $59,279 (salary) minus $16,598 (taxes) = $42,681 net
  • Year 2: $61,344 (salary) minus $17,176 (taxes) = $44,168 net
  • Year 3: $63,890 (salary) minus $17,889 (taxes) = $46,001 net
  • Year 4: $67,047 (salary) minus $18,773 (taxes) = $48,274 net

Figures were taken from the November 2021 AAMC Survey of Resident/Fellow Stipends and Benefits Report and assumes 28 percent will go toward paying Social Security and federal and state income taxes.

Students should deduct the amounts currently budgeted for living expenses from these net income figures. The remainder will be the maximum that will be available for making loan payments.

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