Work-related Opportunities

The University of Minnesota offers several work-related opportunities, including college work-study, graduate assistantships, and research grants.

College work-study

Some work-study jobs, which can accommodate class schedules, are available for medical students. Students search for, apply, and secure work-study employment on their own. The Medical School Financial Aid Office does not match students to positions.

The College Work-Study program helps students earn money toward their education while attending school.

How it works:

  • The employer pays part of a student's wages and the government pays the rest
  • Students who are offered work-study may use the money in conjunction with a Graduate Assistantship
  • Students must complete a separate College Work-Study application by March 1 to be considered. You will be notified via email in summer if work-study funds are available for your use. You must seek out and apply for a work-study position on your own.

Work-study forms will be available here when they are being accepted for the coming school year.

Work-study is not offered on this campus.

Graduate Assistantships

Medical students are eligible to hold Graduate Assistantships as Research Assistants or Teaching Assistants. Students with a minimum of a 25 percent appointment, which equates to 10 hours per week, are eligible for remission of a portion of tuition. Learn more about how these assistantships work.

Note: A Graduate Assistantship position could affect your loan eligibility. If you have a Graduate Assistantship, be sure to inform your financial aid counselor. Otherwise, you may be billed due to a financial aid over-funded status.

Twin Cities
Graduate assistantships are available on this campus.

Research Grants

The University of Minnesota Foundation awards Medical Student Research Grants* to encourage an intensive research experience.

  • $3,000 grants open to all medical students in good standing who wish to engage in an independent research project for 8 - 12 weeks
  • Conducted during free or elective periods or during the summer
  • Bi-annual deadlines are September 15th and February 15th

*Note: These grants are not managed by our financial aid team. Visit the Grants webpage to learn about the application process and whom to contact.

More work-related opportunities

Twin Cities

Where to find part-time jobs on this campus:

  • Bulletin boards in the CHIP Student Center
  • Departments and personnel services at the Medical School and main University campus (e.g., the Student Employment Center - (612) 626-8608)