Wellbeing Incentive Program

To challenge medical students to create healthy habits, we have created a way for you to track your weekly healthy actions and compare yourself to your class’s average.

Track Your Progress

Every week log your wellbeing activities at the weekly check-in - a quick survey to allow you to reflect on your relationship with wellbeing in the past week.

Log your wellbeing activities

Wellbeing Dashboard in MEdIS

View your weekly stats, and also see your class’s averages in MEdIS on the Wellbeing tab. Track each dimension across multiple weeks.


Wellbeing challenge wellbeing weekly progress: Log into MedIS to view your weekly wellbeing progress, and track each dimension across multiple weeks.


Wellbeing Incentive Program (Twin Cities)

wellbeing challenge

The Twin Cities has created a prize-based system to incentivize medical students.

Twin Cities students can win prizes in the following ways:

Raffle Drawing

Each completed weekly activity check-in counts as an entry for the end-of-semester raffle drawing featuring donations and discounts from local companies.

Subcommittee Monthly Challenge

Each month, one of the Wellbeing Subcommittees will create a challenge. Students that complete the challenge will be entered into a raffle for the subcommittees prizes.

Faculty Advisor Group Challenge

To encourage students to focus on wellbeing as a medical school community, faculty advisor groups will compete for an end-of-semester prize by being the group with the most completed Weekly Check-Ins.


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