Wellbeing Committee


To support and promote the wellbeing of medical students by providing resources, building relationships and cultivating an environment to foster the health of the whole person.


Recognizing the multi-faceted nature of wellness, we have 6 subcommittees to cultivate an environment that incorporates all dimensions of wellbeing.

Each dimension has a representative from each year of medical school as well as a faculty adviser. Members work together to organize programming, provide resources and build community that supports their wellbeing dimension. A representative from each dimension participates on the executive committee to coordinate resources and monitor progress.



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The aims of each dimension:

  • Health - Supporting mind-body for a balanced lifestyle
  • Relationships - Connecting with self and others
  • Community - Working together & celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Environment - Creating effective personal environments, engaging with nature, and promoting global environmental health through sustainability
  • Security - Supporting the safety and empowerment of all medical students
  • Purpose - Discovering meaning and direction for one’s life both inside and outside of medicine



The Wellbeing Committee wants to help you feel well throughout your time in medical school. Below you can find some resources to help in your wellness overall. Dimension-specific resources can be found under their respective pages (use the sidebar to navigate to these). 



The Wellbeing Committee fosters wellness amongst students by providing resources, hosting events and cultivating wellness as individuals and a community. Throughout the year, students can look forward to PAWS therapy dogs following midterms and finals, the Wellbeing Week, various events and initiatives, and the WBC Newsletter and Resources email.

If you want to be involved, please reach out to medschoolwbc@umn.edu or utilize the suggestions box linked in the contact section of this page. We love working together to support wellness within ourselves, our peers and the medical community.



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Representatives (2023-2024)

  • President: Eva Elder
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jessica Halverson
  • Health: Lucia Ray, Sarah Wolf, Alyssa Rodriguez
  • Relationships: Ashley Gao
  • Community: Saliha Chaudhry
  • Environment: Olivia Kaus
  • Security: John Mallow, Colin Whitmore
  • Purpose: Molly Weavers
  • Social Media: Lucia Ray

Other Resources:

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