Wellbeing Committee

Mission: Provide the medical school community with tools and vision to incorporate wellbeing concepts into daily practice for their own benefit and that of future patients.


Our activities include an event during the medical school orientation week, presentations/lunch lectures on topics relating to well-being and mindfulness, debrief dogs following midterm and final exams, a yearly Hippocrates Cafe event, a gardening/nutrition project, and end-of-the-year breakfasts and gifts for MS1s and MS2s.

January 2016 Wellbeing Committee in conjunction with Dr. Jon Hallberg gave a special performance of Hippocrates Cafe to the Academic Health Center. Hippocrates Cafe illuminates health care through story and song, performed by leading Twin Cities' actors and musicians, and hosted by Dr. Jon Hallberg, the Cafe's creator. 


To expand the resources and activity of the Wellbeing Committee we are split into subcommittees to ensure all dimensions of wellbeing are incorporated into our community.

Each subcommittee has a representative from each year of medical school as well as a faculty adviser. Members will work together to organize events or programs that support their wellbeing dimension. A representative from each subcommittee will participate on the executive committee to coordinate resources and monitor progress.

  • Health - exercise, nutrition, managing stress, lifestyle choices
  • Relationships - connections with others, networking, engagement
  • Community - being part of a "we", gathering, diversity, organizing, working together
  • Environment - creating effective learning, living, working, neighborhood spaces
  • Security - freedom from fear, empowerment(!), creating a base for financial/personal security
  • Purpose - creating meaning for one's life, spirituality, passions, existential questions
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