Tutoring Services

Given the challenges inherent in processing the volume and complexity of medical school content, efficiency becomes a highly valued tool for creating a manageable flow and sense of balance. The Medical School tutoring services exist as one of the more powerful (and free) efficiency resources available. 

To contact a member of the tutoring team:

Med-Tutors-MS1@umn.edu - Individual consultation for MS1 courses and support

Med-Tutors-MS2@umn.edu - Individual consultation for MS2 courses and support

Drop-In scheduling (2023-24) - Drop-in consultation for MS1 courses and support 

Tutor Drop-In Zoom Link: z.umn.edu/TutorDropin

The team of Medical School tutors are brought together by a shared demonstration of academic excellence in pre-clinical courses, interest in education, and supporting the efforts of peers. Members see themselves serving in a consultative capacity to assist peers in their efforts (and not as ‘experts’ providing needed services).  In this regard, effort is made to tailor services in a way that they match the needs and learning styles of all students, and across a range of curricular needs.


  • One-to-one Consultation - every learner is unique and 1-to-1 consultations are available to provide individualized assistance. Contact the Director of Learner Development to arrange a consultation;
  • Drop-in Consultation Sessions - tutors are available over the lunch hour 2 days a week for quick consultations. Typical consults include questions on concepts and/or specific course content, or on strategies and insights into course success. Watch for announcements regarding dates and times.
  • Exam Review Sessions - for mid-term and final exams, tutors will present ‘high yield’ content, tips and considerations for success. Watch for announcements regarding dates and times.
  • Semester Preview Sessions - to help students anticipate specific challenges and needs of courses, tutors provide informative sessions at the beginning of each term or block with helpful information, resources and tips for success. Watch for announcements regarding dates and times.

Contact and Consultation Requests

For questions or to schedule a 1-to-1 consultation:



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