Faculty Advisors

Aims of the Faculty Advisor Program

  • Build longitudinal relationships among students and faculty advisors
  • Build peer communities that foster reflection and growth
  • Facilitate students in meeting their academic and career development needs
  • Facilitate students' personal and professional development through:
    • Helping students face and overcome obstacles
    • Identifying and practicing ways to thrive and build resilience
    • Assisting students in navigating their own professional identity formation
  • Continually build advisors' knowledge and skills to better meet student needs and share new knowledge in scholarly work

Faculty Advisors are not specialty-specific mentors but rather provide longitudinal advising to students regardless of specialty choice. Students are encouraged to also seek out specialty mentors as they develop their specialty choice.

Duluth: Transitioning to Faculty Advisors in Year 3

All Duluth students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor from the Twin Cities in their second year, who will assume the primary Faculty Advisor role when the Duluth students transition to their third year.

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