Aims of the Faculty Advisor Program

  • Build longitudinal relationships among students and faculty advisors
  • Build peer communities that foster reflection and growth
  • Facilitate students in meeting their academic and career development needs
  • Facilitate students' personal and professional development through:
    • Helping students face and overcome obstacles
    • Identifying and practicing ways to thrive and build resilience
    • Assisting students in navigating their own professional identity formation
  • Continually build advisors' knowledge and skills to better meet student needs and share new knowledge in scholarly work

Faculty Advisors are not specialty-specific mentors but rather provide longitudinal advising to students regardless of specialty choice. Students are encouraged to also seek out specialty mentors as they develop their specialty choice.

Faculty Advisors and Program Leadership



Robin Michaels, PhD
Chair of Duluth Faculty Advisor Program, Associate Dean of Student Life & Academic Affairs


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Amy Greminger, MD
Faculty Advisor


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Emily Onello, MD
Faculty Advisor


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Jennifer Pearson, MD
Faculty Advisor


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