Course & Exam Preparation

There are multiple pathways to the same academic performance outcomes - every learner is unique and there is no 'one-size fits all' approach to academic success.

Given the variation and variety of pathways, the Medical School developed a Content, Questions and Assessment model (C-Q-A) to guide learners in a way that honors everyone's unique style and needs, while also providing needed feedback on progress and identifying gaps in performance. The C-Q-A process applies to all levels of training from year 1 midterms to the series of USMLE Step exams.

Click Performance Concepts 101 for introductory videos on the  C - Q - A  process and preparation progression process (F - S - M).  Specific C - Q - A  tips, considerations & resources are noted in links matching exam preparation needs in your respective training process (from MS1 to graduation).

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Content / Question / Assessment (C - Q - A) [video link coming soon] 
Familiarity / Studying / Mastery (F - S - M) [video link coming soon]